Why Join Bet At Home?

Why Join Bet At Home?

The concept of Bet At Home began in 1999 with the formation of the Bet At Home Club in Austria. ‘Life is a game’, this is the message that Bet At Home strongly believe in because its formation in 1999 in Austria. Today, over four thousand people from all over the world use Bet At Home to fulfil their betting requirements. A large number of these people are from all around the world. In fact the club has members from America, Britain, Canada, Sweden and many other European countries.

Betting at Home offers players the opportunity to play online poker and lotto, to participate in live internet bingo events and even to place bets on football, basketball, baseball and other sporting events. The unique feature of Bet At Home is that it provides its clients with a free first deposit of 100 + EUR (first deposit are free for new members, if you open a new account). This means that you can play as much poker or lotto as you want and without worrying about how you will cover your withdrawal. This welcome bonus is given to all new members of the Bet At Home poker room. After your first deposit you can start playing for no cost.

The online betting system at Bet At Home uses a sophisticated and robust encryption system to ensure that your details and data is kept secure at all times. Betting at home is not something you can boast about in public, so the Bet At Home security system goes a long way to protecting your data. It also uses advanced software and a special tracking system to determine the winners in online poker rooms, football events and baseball games. If you do happen to become a winner then you would get a welcome bonus in your account, which normally has no limit.

The best part of being a member of Bet At Home is that the security features of the site are incomparable to any other online casino. For instance, their VIP program entitles members to first deposits of 10 x Euros (first deposit means free bet), so that they can play as many online poker rooms as they like for free. They also offer the loyalty points, which allow you to register for as many sports betting competitions as you want. If you win, then you earn a bonus in your account, which further allows you to play as many free games as you want. The loyalty points can also be used as cash prizes!

The Bet At Home website also offers its members the welcome bonus: free bet tickets, if you make your first deposit. As a member you can access the online casino whenever you want, provided that you have a credit card ready. Moreover, if you want to bet in other countries other than your country, you are given the opportunity to earn a deposit from those countries as well. So, apart from playing on your favourite game in your country, you get to enjoy the advantages of earning more money.

As a member of Bet At Home, you will get regular bet updates, which tell you about new games and betting competitions. Apart from this, Bet At Home gives you the opportunity to participate in virtual games hosted by other members. Here, you get to interact with people who are in the same country as you are. Such virtual games help you in learning about the online betting systems better. You will also get to know more about the different betting options, such as straight betting, point betting, spread betting and no limit betting.

Members of Bet At Home get to enjoy the betting summary on a weekly basis, which tells you what is on offer on the live casinos. A member always has the best chance of winning, as the odds of winning in a bet at home are always lower. This means that a bet at home becomes more profitable. Therefore, as you can see, there are more benefits than disadvantages when you join Bet At Home, as compared to traditional live casino games.

The fact that you get to play a wide variety of casino games online, means that you have an equal chance of winning. Traditional live casino games are often very competitive and players can get carried away. In a bet at home scenario, you know that your winnings are based only on bets you make. Unlike playing in real life where luck may have a role to play, online betting ensures that you bet on the right choice, so that you do not end up losing. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not lose your hard-earned money in an online betting game.

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