Unconventional Gambling Games From Around the World

Unconventional Gambling Games From Around the World

As soon as you enter a casino, it can be tempting to stick to tried and true favorites like poker and roulette – however there are plenty of other gambling games out there to discover!

Here are five unconventional casino games, spanning ancient traditions to those with live animals:

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken can provide your casino with an engaging promotion to draw customers in and attract them with its game of skill and fun, being suitable for play on any type of board surface. Furthermore, this promotion makes a fantastic way of rewarding students who complete assignments early!

Chicken Challenge participants sit inside a custom-built “Thinkin’ Booth,” waiting until a worthy challenger steps up to accept it and participate in its competition. Winners usually win either $250 in free play or other rewards.

Bunky Boger was best known as “The Chicken Psychiatrist.” Originally used in county fairs and carnivals, his Bird Brain machine required training a chicken to peck a light that activated an electromagnet switch that lit up Xs and Os.


Pica, also known as geophagia or “dirt eating,” is a condition in which individuals compel themselves to consume non-food items such as metals, paper, chalk, feces, paint or hair for various reasons – this behavior often manifests itself among impoverished populations where it can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies; in other cases it could be an indicator of mental illness. Pica is more prevalent among those from impoverished backgrounds or those who have family histories of eating disorders; pica is most prevalent among individuals from these backgrounds who have close relatives suffering from the disorder or those who have eating disorder family histories themselves; another manifestation of pica is geophagia which involves taking in dirt or clay as purification measures at shrines or for medicinal use purposes.


The dreidel is a four-sided spinning top played during Hanukkah that can be traced back to its creation during the second century BCE when Jewish rebels known as Maccabees defeated Greek Syrian oppressors to reclaim Jerusalem temple from Greek oppressors and claim its temple as their own.

All players sit around a table, beginning with an equal number of game pieces such as chocolate gelt, pennies or raisins. Players then combine these into a central “pot”, using their dreidel to spin it – depending on where it lands on, players give or take game pieces from it depending on what number it lands on.

Green Matters Magazine features eco-friendly dreidels made of tagua nuts or candy as an eco-friendly alternative.


Fafi, a South African street-based lottery game first popular among Chinese residents but now enjoyed by low-income black South Africans as well, utilizes an intricate set of divinatory practices – dream interpretation in particular being central to its strategy.

Players assume the fafi man monitors their patterns, so dream interpretation provides the means for identifying an amount to beat him at his own game and gain an advantage in moneymaking. While moneymaking remains important as an ultimate goal, moneymaking itself should take second place to beating off the fafi man and divining their future.


Kronespillet (Kronesautomaten) is a Norwegian gambling arcade game which resembles Knipsekasse’s Kronestykker from years gone by, where you flick coins into a winning slot. Also known as Pajatso or Payazzo, Kronespillet makes a perfect option for anyone who appreciates coin games without needing fast action or detailed graphics.

Unfortunately, however, this version lacks some of the finer touches found in its predecessor, such as adding spin to coins; thus resulting in one star being deducted from its rating.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a classic casino dice game, beloved for centuries worldwide. Bo offers players various betting options while remaining accessible and entertaining – it makes an ideal experience at casinos of any kind!

Sic Bo, unlike Craps, is a pure game of chance and winning it requires selecting bets with the lowest house edge while hoping for some unexpected good fortune.

Bets are placed on designated areas on a table before the dealer shakes his/her chest with dice containing dice to shake the game. If any dice come up matching your bet, you win!

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