Join BC.GAME’s Coco Carnival Craze and Bring Home Awesome Rewards

Join BC.GAME’s Coco Carnival Craze and Bring Home Awesome Rewards

BC.GAME is clearly feeling the spirit of the World Cup season with its generous outpouring of rewards and prizes that can be yours for the taking during the World Cup season. To mark the start of the most-anticipated tournament of the year, the platform has also launched its Coco Carnival Portal, where multi-million dollar prizes await.

The crypto-gambling website has been offering its users a growing number of rewards that peak at a grand promotion that aligns with the 2022 World Cup event. Alongside its major sponsorship with the Argentine Football Association, BC.GAME is pulling out all the stops to make the World Cup experience for its players memorable and fun. This involves a Lionel Messi-signed AFA jersey giveaway, a $2.1 million prize pool, and a brand new, shiny Tesla you can take home by joining wager competitions.

Celebrate the World Cup Season at BC.GAME

Coco Carnival is another page made by BC.GAME to specifically cater to sports bettors and World Cup fans in preparation for the big event. With BC.GAME’s involvement in the World Cup, players can expect an exciting gambling experience as it sets out to support the Argentine Football Association team in all of their games.

As the Crypto Casino of the Year, BC.GAME’s platform will be made more accessible for fans looking to track and stay updated with their favorite matches. In the same way, it’s a chance for the site to let players and fans know about the new technology of blockchain as they lock in their wagers and bets.

But beyond that, the website’s exciting introduction to the Coco Carnival is guaranteed to keep players immersed and engaged throughout the tournament, with plenty of prizes in store.

AFA Jersey Giveaway

Messi fans will be delighted to know that BC.GAME offers players the chance to get a free AFA jersey signed by none other than Lionel Messi by placing a bet on any World Cup match. This invaluable prize will be awarded to the player who gets the highest payout wager.

Every day, you’re given a chance to win at least one jersey, and valid winning results would need players to submit a ticket. The same rules apply: the one with the highest amount wins the event if many players turn in a ticket all at once.

Sports Parlay Challenges

BC.GAME’s Sportsbook also offers a series of Sports Parlay Challenges, where players can win a prize of $300. The top seven competitors in this challenge will compete for the grand prize, with the remaining $60 divided equally among all other participants.

The challenge here is to successfully win a multi-bet with at least 4x by placing a wager on a minimum of four matches in all sports. The bet slips should also be posted openly, and odds for every game will be accumulated and counted as overall points.

No minimum VIP level is required to participate in the challenge. However, players would need to post their Ticket IDs and parlay links before joining the game.

Access the main event page here:

More sportsbook and World Cup events are here:

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