How Progressive Slot Jackpots Actually Work

How Progressive Slot Jackpots Actually Work

Casinos make the majority of their money off slots. Be it a land based or online casino slots are the backbone of the business model, which says a lot about general popularity. More to the point, it is progressive jackpot slots that get most of the attention. But then who wouldn’t be interested? Progressive jackpots range in the tens of millions, offering reel spinners the possibility of a different life.

But what are progressive jackpots, how do they work, and can you every actually win? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does It Work?

At most online casinos there are multiple progressive jackpot slots to choose from. But regardless of the game the system works via a similar system. A small percentage of every bet made is added to the jackpot, ensuring that the number is constantly climbing. The jackpot will initially be seeded by the casino, but this first amount is only the starting point.

Interesting to note is that all progressive jackpots of the same name are part of the same network. No matter where the games are, online or in a land based establishment, they all exist in a massive network. So every spin taken, including possibly hundreds of games, is adding to the grand total. That’s why the numbers climb so quickly.

Can You Actually Win?

The jackpot will keep increasing as long as the game is being played, until eventually, yes, the jackpot will be won. It is inevitable that the jackpot be paid out, assuming that players are still spinning. The question is how many spins it will take, with it sometimes requiring years for the jackpot to finally be triggered. But probability is a curious thing, so the jackpot really can hit at any time.

So yes, you can actually win, assuming that luck really is on your side. Though, you should note the rules of the game you’re playing, and what conditions qualify you to get a crack at the cash. Some games require that a certain bet be made, though most of the popular progressive jackpot slots don’t require a special bet at all. It is simply a matter of playing and hoping.

Can You Increase Your Chances?

Many reel spinning fanatics ask if there is a way to increase the chances of winning a jackpot, and some have even put forward interesting schemes. No matter how convincing the myths and legends sound, no, there is no way to increase your chances.

Slots work via a random number generator (RNG,) which means that every spin truly is random. No matter how you play, what you bet, or what you do, the outcome will always be completely random. In fact casino are regularly audited to ensure that the slots are random, by force of the law.

So all you can do is wear your lucky underwear, grab your lucky rabbit’s foot, and keep on spinning like everyone else. You can also try skill based games like Blackjack at sites like Black Lotus online casino, where you really can play better to potentially win more often.

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