About Rummy

About Rummy

Similarities. Both Rummy and Casino games that require two players to engage in betting. Both games begin with the laying of hands to players. Arranging cards in sequences and pairs makes both the rummy game and casino games similar as well. Both the rummy sport and Casino also give emphasis on the betting order and arranging cards on one s hand.

Types of Rules. Both Casino and rummy have different types of rules. There are some casinos that allow you to lay down your bet freely, while there are some casinos that restrict the lay down of bets. Some casinos allow you to play for longer time spans than others. Online casinos allow you to play for few hours at a stretch, but the same goes for land based casinos as well. Hence, players can choose to play either the rummy or the casino card game according to their wish and needs.

Lay outs. In a rummy session, there is a dealer who deals out a dealt pack of cards, which include one face up card and two other concealed cards. The dealer then deals the cards so that one out of three cards are hidden. Now, if any player is missing any card, that player has to reveal it and that card is then placed in the position that it would be in if it were a normal card. A total of fourteen cards are dealt in a deal and the dealer then calls the deal.

Lay outs in the casino version of rummy vary according to what is available. For instance, in a game of one card games, a person may be dealt seven cards and the person with the highest hand takes first place. Another rummy variant called melds are another version of card games wherein all the cards are laid out from a deck in the shape of a cross. Two out of three cards are concealed and are dealt to each player. After dealing, the cards are turned over and one card from the left is dealt to the person with the highest hand and another card from the right is dealt to the person with the second highest hand and so on.

In some rummy games, the cards are dealt in pairs. There are also rummies that are played with a single deck. A “one card per team” rule is applied in such situations. In “one card per team” rummy, each team is dealt a total of three cards and then the teams are told that they have to get rid of one card from each of their teams by themselves. Usually this rule is applied for pairs only where in two out of three cards are hidden.

Rummy is a game played by humans and it is believed that it was originated in ancient Egypt. The earliest version of rummy was reportedly played at the St. Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt. Ancient Rome, Greece and India also are believed to have played rummy. Today there are numerous versions of rummy being played all over the world.