French Roulette

French Roulette

French roulette is an extremely popular roulette variant among players in France and the UK, likely because it offers a lower house edge compared to other variants and includes rules that work to the player’s advantage.

Two such rules are “la partage” and “en prison,” which both reduce the house edge by at least 50 percent. En prison allows you to protect your bet even after losing, giving a second chance with same money to win it back again.


French roulette is an exciting casino game, which provides hours of fun and entertainment. You’ll find it both offline and online casinos alike; its simple yet classic format features an engaging table layout, betting options and special rules specific to its variant.

Before diving in and playing French roulette, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with its rules and table layout. Doing this will allow you to better comprehend the game and place bets with greater assurance.

Players can also learn a few terms of the game to better interact with a croupier – including Passe for Even and Impair for Odd numbers.

French Roulette features two unique idiosyncrasies to increase its thrill factor: En Prison allows you to keep betting if the ball lands on zero; La Partage returns half of your bet if it lands on zero when making an even money bet;

Betting options

French roulette features all of the standard bet types found in other variations, as well as additional rules such as La Partage and En Prison that can help reduce house edge.

These rules work on even money bets and allow for you to receive half of your stake back if the ball lands on zero, effectively bringing down the house edge to just 1.35%.

However, these rules can be tricky to comprehend, so learning them carefully should be your top priority. Furthermore, there are numerous betting strategies you can employ in order to increase your odds and expand your bankroll.

One method is the Martingale system, which involves raising your bet after each loss and decreasing it when you win – this helps increase your odds and decrease house edge.


French roulette is a beloved classic among gambling enthusiasts, particularly due to its variety of betting options and payouts. Available both online and land-based casinos.

French roulette offers two distinct bets: inside and outside bets. While inside bets involve wagers placed on individual numbers or small groups of them, outside bets involve betting on larger clusters of numbers.

Inside bets are simpler and less risky; outside ones require more experience and can be riskier. Beginners should focus on Red/Black and Odd/Even bets which pay out 1:1 as these offer great starting positions.

Like European and American roulette, French games also provide special rules that increase players’ chances of success. Such regulations include En Prison and La Partage rules which protect even money bets from losing when the ball lands on zero.


French roulette offers numerous rules to increase your winnings, such as La Partage and En Prison which help decrease the house edge.

La Partage (commonly referred to as the Divide) is an optional rule which allows players to reclaim half their bet when zero is spun, cutting the house edge by approximately 1.35% and making French roulette more appealing for players.

The Sharing Rule in French roulette is another popular variant, working similarly to La Partage Rule by enabling you to claim half of any even/odd or high/low bet placed if the ball lands on zero.

Also, some versions of French roulette provide the “En Prison” rule, which allows you to recover losing bets when the ball lands on zero field. This feature can help mitigate losses when things don’t go your way and can even be combined with an outside bet that pays out single-digit amounts.

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